Pumping Is Breastfeeding With Nichelle Clark from SonShine Rainbows Lactation

In this episode, Nichelle Clark, Mom, Founder of The Sonshine and Rainbows Lactation and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant shared her experience as an exclusive pumper. Nichelle is very passionate and willing to help parents navigate and avoid some of the breastfeeding/ chestfeeding challenges or how to overcome them should they arise.   Highlights of the…

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Finding Relief With Herbs During Pregnancy and Postpartum with Melissa Cole, IBCLC and Clinical Herbalist

This week, join Shelly and Nicole as they speak with Melissa Cole on herbs for pregnancy and postpartum.  Listen as Melissa discusses * why herbs can be helpful for new and expecting parents * why randomly taking herbs can be dangerous * why therapeutic dosages are important Resources discussed: Luna Lactation Follow Melissa on Instagram…

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Nipple Shields – Friend or Foe?

Nipple Shields - Friend or Foe

Nipples shields seem to be popping up more and more in the breastfeeding world. Many parents are being handed nipple shields while still in the hospital, and I’ve even seen it being listed on baby registries! While nipple shields can be helpful with lactation, are they the miracle solution to breastfeeding problems that some parents…

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