Raising Multiples with The Mighty Mothers (Kate and Carola)

In this episode, Carola and Kate from The Mighty Mothers shared their personal experiences as mothers of multiples. They both now live in Belgium. Carola has three children, an older daughter, and twins, two boys. Kate has four, an elder son and triplets, two boys, and a girl.   Highlights of the Episode:    Tips…

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Overcoming Breast Rejection

overcoming breast rejection

Are you going through breast rejection with your baby? Here are three tips for bringing your baby back to breast:⁠⁠⁠⁠ 1. Make The Breast a Happy Place to Be We don’t want to turn the breast into a battlefield. Don’t try to latch baby on when they are upset, hungry, and crying. ⁠⁠Feed the baby…

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