Avoiding The Cascade of Interventions with Meryl Estabrook


Today we are talking to Meryl Estrabook, a doula continuously learning and imparting all her knowledge to families. She shares her birthing journey and how she got into this field. 

Because of her experiences, she decided to help families avoid the cascade of interventions. If you’re unfamiliar with this phrase, Shelly and Meryl explain it more profound in this episode. 

As the conversation progresses, they tackle the flaws in the healthcare system for birthing and how having a knowledgeable doula who cares for you and your family is essential.

Listen and learn more about Meryl and her work.

Links: t-shirt study: https://consumer.healthday.com/12-13-t-shirt-study-shows-importance-of-mom-s-smell-to-baby-s-bond-2655927897.html

Connect with Meryl Estabrook:

Website: https://www.estabrookbirth.com/

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Website: www.shellytaftibclc.com