Parenting with a Disability with Lo Nigrosh, host of The Milk Making Minutes


Today, Lo Nigrosh shares how she’s raising her kids to be compassionate and open-minded. She shares her birthing experience wherein she was induced despite not wanting to and being filled with so many fluids that she can’t wear her prosthetic leg. This experience showed her how little the medical field knows about birthing for people with disabilities.

Moreover, many parents feel alone and defeated whenever they can’t show up for their kids 100%, 24/7, with or without a disability. Shelly and Lo remind you that connecting with your kids doesn’t have to be 100% all the time. It’s crucial for your kids to see that you take care of yourself. Having a disability gave Lo a different perspective on how she can listen to her body and fend for her kids without neglecting herself or her kids. Her disability influenced her way of taking care of her kids by letting them know that it’s okay to let yourself have a break, regardless of how many hats you wear in life. 

She also shares her amazing podcast, The Milk Making Minutes, which explores breastfeeding struggles and triumphs through the lens of systemic barriers.

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