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Prenatal Support

  Be prepared for when your baby arrives!

Prenatal Childbirth Class

In our childbirth education class, we explore the stages of birth, what the variety of “norms” looks like, normal birth, coping techniques, and interventions.

We will discuss your hopes and dreams, as well as your anxieties and fears. This class follows a curriculum, but is candid and fun. I mean, who doesn’t worry about “pooping on the table”? You won’t want to miss this one!

$125 per couple

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Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding offers many benefits for you and your baby.

In this prenatal breastfeeding class, you will everything you need to feel confident in your breastfeeding journey: how to get breastfeeding off to the best start; strategies for latching and positioning; best ways to support milk supply; how to troubleshoot basic breastfeeding challenges; and breastfeeding lifestyle.

Feel prepared in this fun, easy going class.

2 hours/$55 per couple

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Prenatal Lactation Consult

This virtual prenatal consult includes a full health history and is perfect for those with a medical condition or special circumstances that may affect breastfeeding. Particularly helpful for families that had challenges breastfeeding previous babies


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Prenatal Sleep Education Class

Learn about infant brain development, how it relates to sleep, infant vs adult sleepy cycles, caring for caregiver, the art of infant sleep, and when to ask for help.

2 hours/$99

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Lactation Support Package  

The best way to prepare for breastfeeding and receive the support you need. One prenatal consult, which includes a prenatal consult to discuss your goals for breastfeeding, and one postpartum consult to troubleshoot breastfeeding issues


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Shelly Taft