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Inside the house a brand new, first-time mama was frantically shoving dirty dishes into hiding spots. Throwing wrinkled laundry on the bed that she just hadn’t had the energy to iron.


Hiding the pacifier inside the waist of her yoga pants (holding back tears as they STILL didn’t fit right. Why do other bodies always “bounce back” from pregnancy while she had stitches  leaking and was still bleeding in places she never knew that could), she wondered.


A quick survey around the room...oops, a baby’s bottle. She flushed red at the guilt of “topping up” her baby on formula at night. But she was desperate for a couple of house of sleep (in a row) & wasn’t sure her baby was thriving in a way “the milestone chartssaid her baby was *supposed* to


And during all this, I was standing on the porch for our initial lactation & infant sleep coach consultation. I’d rung the bell twice. 


Had she forgotten our appointment? 


Or fallen asleep? 


Being a brand new, first time, mama, it was possible, but right now the lack of sleep wasn’t this new parent’s biggest obstacle. There was something worse.


The guilt society & others’ expectations had compounded her exhaustion, overwhelm, and she was fully expecting to be judged.


How do I know this? Because by the end of our appointment she trusted me enough to tell me how she really felt


And her feelings are pretty typical. A study in 2016 shows that 90% of mothers feel judged for the way they parent. And most felt this judgment was coming from people that are supposed to support them, such as friends and family.


If new parents are worried about being judged by those who should support them, are medical professionals, well, a better option to confide in?

Did you know that Pediatric Residents only receive three hours of breastfeeding education per year? Not surprising that only 14% of pediatricians report that they feel comfortable managing breastfeeding concerns.

Only 14% of pediatricians feel comfortable managing breastfeeding concerns

Is this really the best person to book an appointment with when you need help? 


Is that really the person you want to go to when your new baby is struggling to latch?


  • Or you have a question about nursing? 
  • Or wonder if your colostrum is normal?
  • Or concerned you won’t have enough milk for your baby? 
  • Or worried that breastfeeding might be painful? 
  • Or have questions about using a breast pump?
  • Or how long breast milk can be stored? 
  • Or how long you should breastfeed?
  • Or how to pump at work? 
  • Or (fill in the blank)?


#TruthBomb: Our medical system isn’t set up to allow pediatricians the time to listen to parents concerns (especially post-2020)

Hi,I'm Shelly Taft

I’m Shelly Taft, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Doula, Family Educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and Infant Sleep Coach. I’ve been supporting new families for over 14 years. I’ve helped more than 1,000 families in their parenting journey, and I’d be honored to help you, too.

Go from anxious and uncertain to confidently knowing you have what you need to have and raise a happy, healthy baby.

Welcome to the world...


A 6-month digital community filled with REAL baby experts + like minded parents like YOU

You are a loving new parent-to-be who just wants what’s best for your baby. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into researching childbirth and preparing for your newborn, but you’re following general, one-size-fits-all advice and feel discouraged when you still don’t have the answers or know what you should do.

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    Calm your fears & get you the answers you need right from the baby professionals!

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    Ensure you & your body are ready to breastfeed before your baby arrives.

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    Successfully breastfeed your newborn, even working through your specific problems.

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    Know how to care for your newborn based on your baby’s unique needs (from breastfeeding, when to feed solids, sleep challenges and more).

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    Be ready to go back to work by getting prepared for pumping, boosting your milk supply, and weaning to solids.

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    Confidently prepare your home (and even your pets) for this exciting time!

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    Tap into & validate your natural parenting instincts (that most doctors tend to overlook).

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    Get support in making parenting choices based on what’s right for your circumstances.

Go from aimlessly searching for elusive answers & outdated information to being fully supported by baby professionals with evidence-based information so you never worry about who to call for support.

The Baby Pro Bistro includes:

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    Live, virtual classes (plus all the recordings) so you can fit them into your schedule and refer back as often as needed.

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    Support groups to help you with any issues you are having during pregnancy and after.

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    Tools to make evidence-based parenting choices - and that fit your parenting goals!

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    A judgement-free community of like-minded parents to support you and cheer you on as you navigate your parenting journey.

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    Access to pregnancy and baby professionals to ask follow-up questions and get individualized recommendations.

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    Expert guest speakers, on topics such as infant massage, preparing dog for baby, mediation for pregnancy and parenting, and more!

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    Two affordable levels, with the ability to use your FSA/HSA or submit for reimbursement from many insurances.

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Online classes to keep you on top of your parenting game, including:


childbirth class

($125 Value)

Taught LIVE twice a month, so you can get answers to your specific questions as you go through the class!

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Breastfeeding Class

($55 value)

Taught LIVE once a month, so you can feel prepared and confident in your breastfeeding journey!


Care Class

($90 Value)

Taught LIVE so you can learn the ins and outs of newborn care!

infant sleep class

Infant Sleep Class

($90 value)

Ensure that your baby (and you) are well-rested!




Classes and Workshops

($150 Value)

Topics include returning to work, starting solids, preparing for pumping, boosting milk supply, and weaning.


Guest Experts

($270 Value)

Topics include infant massage, preparing your dog for baby, mediation for pregnancy and parenting, and more!

FSA and HSA eligible

Anyone can take a class or read an article but what makes the Baby Pro Bistro one-of-a-kind is that you receive continuous support and tools from me & other baby professionals to set you up for success from the beginning for each stage of your parenting journey.

Replace your uncertainty with the answers & support you need to confidently start your parenting journey. Join the Baby Pro Bistro today!


If you aren’t feeling calmer speaking to our baby professionals...you deserve your money back. 

If you don’t feel more confident to breastfeed...you deserve your money back. 

If your specific questions aren’t addressed by our baby expert panel...you deserve your money back. 

If you aren’t better equipped to care for your newborn...you deserve your money back. 

If you aren’t better prepared to go back to work...you deserve your money back. 


If your fears & concerns aren’t validated in our time together

...you deserve your money back. 

Questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions Below

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available within the first two weeks of joining the program. You can contact us if you have any questions. 

I have a very busy lifestyle, how will I be able to fit this into my day?

Our live classes are offered multiple times throughout the six month membership period, offering lot of opportunities to enroll in each class.

Many of our classes are recorded and can be done whenever it fits into your schedule! 

All our providers are busy moms themselves, so we get how it can be hard to fit things in, which is one of the reasons we decided to create The Baby Pro Bistro.

I already had my baby, is it too late to join?

Absolutely not! Our community is made for expecting and new parents, up through the first year of your baby's life. 

How far into pregnancy should I be to join?

That's totally up to you! The sooner you join, the more time you will have to look through all the material and participate in the support groups. 

Generally, families find it helpful to join in the second trimester.

What classes are included?

The Baby Pro Bistro includes both live and recorded classes.

Our live classes include:

  • prenatal childbirth 
  • prenatal breastfeeding
  • prenatal newborn care 

Our recorded classes include:

  • prenatal infant sleep 
  • starting solids 
  • picking your healthcare providers
  • writing a birth plan
  • returning to work 
  • pumping 
  • tummy time 
  • bottle feeding skills 

We will also have monthly guest speakers on a variety of topics, weekly and monthly support groups, and the membership also includes a birth plan audit.

New classes are being added all the time! We are a community, and we value input from our members, so if you want to see more content on a particular topic not already covered, let us know! 🙂

Is the program eligible for HSA/FSA?

In most cases, yes, although we never guarantee it and encourage families to confirm with their insurance.

Will my insurance reimburse for any of the program price?

Yes, some insurances do reimburse for part of the program fee. However, we never guarantee reimbursement and encourage you to verify your benefits for coverage or prenatal classes and breastfeeding consults. If you have questions, just send us a message. 

Can I join again after the six months is up?

Absolutely! The Baby Pro Bistro applies through the first year of your child's life, so many families who join during pregnancy will often renew for another six months to continue to receive support in the postpartum period.

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