Three Tips for Considering Non-Emergent Interventions During Your Birth.

birth interventions

Tip #1 – Ask Why The Procedure Needs To Be Done

Your OBGYN should be able to explain this clearly enough where you can turn around and explain it to someone else. If not, then ask for clarification.⁠

If you don’t understand the reason behind the intervention, then you can’t have full informed consent.

Tip #2 – Ask For The Risks and Benefits

Every procedure has risks, no matter how minor. Informed consent mean being able to weight the risks vs the benefits so you can make an educated decision that is right for you. ⁠

Tip #3 – Ask For Alternatives/More Time

This tip really only works for non-emergent interventions – ask for more time or an alternative.⁠

Is there another intervention you would feel more comfortable with that you could try? ⁠

You can also ask for more time. Ask for time and privacy so you can discuss the intervention with your partner/support person. ⁠

Allowing yourself some time might also give the labor a chance to change direction a little, making the intervention no longer necessary.⁠

Following these tips will help you make more educated decisions that you can then feel more comfortable with!

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