Contact Napping – the good, the bad, the troubleshooting with Kensey Butkevic


Important announcement: We have a new co-host! 🎉

From now on, we will be joined by Maria. She’s been working in the lactation industry for over 6 years and is here to share her knowledge with you all.


On the other hand, we’ve been getting tons of questions about contact napping, and there are different views and opinions about it roaming around. So, in this episode, we are joined by Kensey Butkevic, the founder of Sleep Easy Clinic, wherein she will talk about contact napping from the good, the bad, and the troubleshooting.


This episode is packed with tips and suggestions on how and how often you should do contact napping and what things you can buy to aid in contact napping. These products are recommended by Kensey based on her own personal experience.


Also, Shelly and Kensey clarify that there is no one size fits all pattern or approach for all babies and families. Each baby has different sleeping needs, so we shall adjust based on that. 


So, tune in and get ready to take down notes if you want to know all things about contact napping.


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