Equity In The Home With Dr. Regina Lark


Ever wonder why it is often a “woman’s job” to maintain the household in order? Well, technically, it isn’t. However, it was instilled in us that women are “better” at doing it that’s why they are the ones in charge. Dr. Regina Lark is here to debunk that, explain the roots, and give steps to break the chain.

Dr. Regina Lark assists people and companies in sorting through their mental clutter and converting chaos into clarity. As a speaker, teacher, and expert, focused on females, she helps women organize their thoughts, careers, and lives.

With her doctorate focused on gender studies and women’s history and more than two decades of entrepreneurship and leadership experience, Regina builds bridges between theory and reality. She incorporates her academic understanding and professional perception to create settings and foster relationships that can determine and deal with the source of current troubles such as ADHD, disorganization, emotional work, and mental exhaustion.

Today, Dr. Regina and Shelly discuss how she started working in this field, exploring the problem with no name, and defining emotional labour. All of these revolving equity in gendered tasks as perceived by many.

Listen now and join them in this insightful discussion about equity in the home.

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